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Lucky Mantras of Indrani Roychoudhury © 2011

Born as a Hindu but grown as a human I feel it is my duty to nourish the young Hindu generation from the west with their cultural food – and I’m not talking about some curry, but rather than giving lectures – I’m not a know-all either, I want to give them fun while exploring their roots. And not just them, their friends and classmates are of course most welcome to affiliate. Whereas many Indian grocery stores around the globe have supplied us with exotic food throughout the years to adulate our bellies and even have adapted their products to western taste, there is no such supply for their cultural knowledge and spirit. Disregarding the esoteric scene. Well that’s not completely true. 

I was born in the 80’s and by that that time educating movies like INDIANA JONES AND THE TEMPLE OF THE DOOM would tell the world hindus eat “pate of the simian”. Back then even I would ask my Parents if that is true. And no it’s not, but at least this movie is entertaining and adventurous. And that’s exactly the point! If we want the youth to be aware of their cultural heritage and if we want some cultural exchange with our fellow men, we need to make it easy yet fun – entertaining! That’s why I started the project Lucky Mantras. The site will show young hindus and not just them what this ancient culture is about. In future I want them to join me and be part of lucky mantras. They can tell their stories and be creative.